The Dirty T Shirt Review: Jan 17th 2013

The Dirty T Shirt Review: Jan 17th 2013

Posted by admin | 01.17.13


mypursenalbutlerPursenal Butler is a chic adjustable purse stand that organizes and holds up to 12 purses/bags. It is made out of wrought iron and steel and comes in 5 different colors; brown, black, antique white, pink and silver.


Pursenal Butler was invented as a practical answer to a very common problem. Too many purses that women have and very little space to store them. Deb Braun, the mind behind Pursenal Butler, came up with the idea when she found that there was never enough closet space for her shoes and purses.


I admit it, I like purses, no, not like, I LOVE purses! I have many, something my husband still doesn’t understand, he always asks why I have so many when one will do just fine. Not for me! So of course my problem has become where to put them all. Before now they were all stacked in the closet, some nice and neat, others just thrown up on the shelf. But today a few that I use on a regular basis have a new place to wait for me to use them. It is on a Pursenal Butler, a genius invention and I am happy that they are organized, so is my husband. In the image above I kept it nice and neat but my butler can hold up to 12 bags, I have even gotten up to 14 on if they are my smaller purses. I love it!

This is a great gift to keep in mind for any upcoming birthdays or special occasions, especially for the woman in your life that has a lot of purses and little storage space. My daughter has even asked me for one, actually two, and I agreed she needed two, she is just like her momma! Head on over to Pursenal Butler today and check them out.

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