Pursenal Butler Purse And Shoe Wipes

Product Name : Pursenal Butler Purse And Shoe Wipes

Price : $6.99

  • Pursenal Butler Purse Wipes include antibacterial AND leather conditioning to keep your purse clean, while conditioning the leather so it looks new at all times.
  • The next time you place your purse on the floor, pull out a PB purse wipe and clean those germs away.
  • You spend a lot of money on your purse, so make sure you take good care of it with Pursenal Butler Purse Wipes. ¬†Your Purse will love you for it!

**Flat shipping fee of $10 for all Canadian customers**

For Canadian orders email your order to sales@pursenalbutler.com along with your address and phone number & someone will contact you for your credit card #
or call (604) 536-3634 and place your order.

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