Pursenal Butler

Pursenal Butler… The Perfect Accessory For Every Room

More than a purse hook, the Pursenal Butler is a floor stand for conveniently hanging purses, shopping bags, scarves, hats or just about anything else close by.  It keeps everything organized, germ free and off your floors, dressers, counter tops and work spaces!

  • Made of wrought iron and steel weighing 6 lbs.
  • Holds 12 bags – 4 bags on each arm of the stand.
  • Chic, elegant design holds up to 100 pounds.
  • Use in homes: bedrooms, doorways, hallways, recreation rooms, mud rooms, patios, decks.
  • Use in businesses: spas, hair salons, makeup studios, restaurants, offices, restrooms and outdoor patios.
  • Easily moves from room to room with a handle.
  • Adjustable height and scratch resistant feet.
  • For kids: holds jackets, back packs, bags.

The #1 reason why you need a Pursenal Butler is not only due to lack of storage or for displaying your pretty handbags, but mainly because:

  • 25% of purses tested positive for E-coli, Salmonella and bacteria that can cause hepatitis.
  • 50% of purses tested positive for fecal contamination and coliform bacteria which indicates the presence of human or animal waste
  • 100% of purses tested positive for some form of germs/bacteria and some purses were saturated with tens of thousands of bacteria
  • Purses are becoming subways for the transfer of micro-organisms and germs from one location to another
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