Pittsburg Frugal Mom Review – Nov 30th 2012

Pittsburg Frugal Mom Review – Nov 30th 2012

Posted by admin | 11.30.12

I don’t know how I managed before the Pursenal Butler~ A very simple item that will work organizational wonders in your life. A classic looking, hard-working, durable piece of accessory furniture for your home, office, work-space, etc.

Every day it’s the same old story, my purse, and my keys have gone missing! It is almost as though a little tiny mischievous elf follows me in my home and runs away with my keys and purse every time I get home! It is so annoying, that I can not keep track of these two things, possibly it is because I am running after three children and working and trying to run a house and I can’t seem to keep track of the simple things. Since my elf has played havoc on my schedule, wreaking insanity on my life by creating me to be late to more appointments that I care to remember, when Pursenal Butler came a calling I replied, “YES PLEASE!” I can not continue to lose my keys, mislay them or have the little key elf run off with them or my purse anymore, no more lateness, no more, “where are mommy’s keys?”

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