Celebrate Women Today – Nov 30th 2012

Celebrate Women Today – Nov 30th 2012

Posted by admin | 11.30.12

Be Inspired By Pursenal Butler Creative Team ~ Bea Nohr And Deb Brown

Inspiration and collaboration among women could do wonders. Supportive and caring relationships lead to new product development and inevitable success of many unique products on the market place.

And we do need truly unique products that are not only functional, but also inspiring.

Behind inspiration stand real people who walk among us. Who are part of us.

Looking closer and investigating in a more detail what such successful people do and how they do it, lead each one of us to our own truth and path to live our own dreams.

Each person has her own dreams. And no matter when your inspiration will “hit” you, do know one thing: That you are always living in the presence of your dreams. You can materialize what’s inside of you.

What does it take to do it? One simple thing: Your commitment to the moment of Truth that you Can do it, that you Deserve it, and that you Made this decision to do it as of this moment now.

That’s why it’s never enough to partake of the myriad success stories and of those who are living them.

Please let me share one successful story of two women who made their minds to create a Pursenal Butler that would change every woman’s world by simplifying the storage of her bags and purses collections.

Presenting here today Bea Nohr and Deb Brown.

Bea Nohr Deb Brown Las Vegas

Bea Nohr And Deb Brown, Founders & Creators of Pursenal Butler

Bea Nohr
A working Executive in the Advertising Industry, Bea is a loving mother to twin daughters. Helping companies to market their own products, Bea always head that time in mind when she would be able to do it for her own dream product. When she met Deb Brown, together they formed a powerful duo of skills and knowledge that allowed them to pursue their entrepreneurial life with Pursenal Butler.

Deb Brown
Yet another powerful woman with two girls and a fabulous hubby who’s been a tireless creative soul in building her career while working out of home. Having a jewelry wholesale company as her first business, Deb jumped at the idea of a Pursenal Butler when her husband pointed out that she had way too many purses and no room to store them. Teaming up with Bea Nohr, Deb continues her stay-at-home-working-mom career and wants to see any woman to succeed in her dreams.

This is what these two women think about any woman’s place under the sun and in this business world, mostly dominated by male figures.

Q. Why do you think women need to be considered active contributors to our society?
Women have so much to offer and are much more compassionate.  There are so many people in our society today that need help, and women are amazing at helping others.

We are sympathetic and understanding when it comes to people’s emotions and we can adjust to any role or circumstance that arises. We are great multi-taskers and great at getting any job done.
As mothers, we understand the things that are important to our children, the next generation and are always seeking for the best opportunities out there to help each other.

Women are a strong force in today’s society, wearing so many different hats.

Q. How do you feel about those remarks about women that allow them to be only housewives and saying that women are only good for cooking and raising kids.
Don’t even start with me on that one ( Bea speaking).  No disrespect to women that are housewives and raise their kids. Kudo’s to them, because it is a big job also.

As a career woman pretty much all my life, I‘ve seen so many amazing brilliant women that I look up to. It amazes me and makes me truly proud when I see women climbing the corporate ladder or running the company. It truly is a matter of choice.

Either one is good, it truly depends on the person and or circumstances. Working for me provides the stimulation that I need and that I can share with my kids as they grow. Everything I learn teaches me and my family different things. I think the biggest thing is that it helps keep an open mind, so we never stop growing.

Q. What inspired you to create a Pursenal Butler? And how do you manage inspiration in your life?
I have to leave this question to Deb as she is the creator of the Pursenal Butler! If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be here.

Deb kind of answered this question in her bio. We manage inspiration in our lives by discussing our dreams and hopes for our new venture. We speak to each other daily, numerous times a day and have a great admiration for one another. We inspire each other. We both have our strengths and weaknesses and are able to count on each other during difficult times or whatever may be the case. We bring people into our work who inspire us and keep us motivated to keep going. It goes back to having people in your life who support you.

Q. In your opinion, what every woman needs to know today?
That you can do anything you put your mind to. Failure only comes to those that don’t try.  If you work hard, set a goal or a vision  and you can make it come true. It’s never too late.

Have a great support group of friends. Friends that believe in you and are positive. Make sure you have the love of your family always. Life these days is short, and we need to take more time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures of our family and friends.

Success means nothing if you have no one to share it with. Lastly, whatever you do, make sure you have fun and are surrounded by great people.


And that goes back to you, to me and to those who allow themselves to open up minds and hearts and let inspiration do its thing.

One small thing to remind you of: Yes, you Deserve it and Can do it Any time when you make your decision to do it.

And this is a Pursenal Butler – the success story that Deb and Bea have created.


Pursenal Butler, A Unique Simple Invention That Solved The Problem of Purse Overcrowding

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