When you enter the doors of a spa, you are looking for a retreat, a way to escape the stress and worries of everyday living.  Your clients are coming to relax, rest, and rejuvenate and not to worry about where their purse and their valuables are during their massage or treatment.

Some spas provide private locked lockers.  But, what about when guests are coming for a manicure or pedicure and they need to just keep their purse close by and within sight.  Why not provide a Pursenal Butler?  This sturdy purse stand can easily fit by a manicure or a pedicure chair. Your client can put her purse, her shopping bags and maybe even her sweater on the stand.  Now, all her personal belongings are safe and within reach.  If your clients need to move from one position to another you can quickly and conveniently pick up the Pursenal Butler and carry it to the new location. Plus, it is easy to adjust the height of each stand and  colour coordinate them with your unique décor.

When the goal of your business is service, this simple service says you care. Don’t just let your customer’s bags sit on the floor where they can get dirty or lost. Take care of your customers and their personal belongings, just like you take care of their wellness needs.

Remember it’s the small, personal touches that people really notice.

Pursenal Butler, the perfect accessory for every spa.  


  • Holds 12 bags – 4 bags on each arm of the stand.
  • Elegant design holds up to 100 pounds. 
  • Stands come in black, silver, pink, brown and antique white.
  • For use indoors and out of doors 
  • Easily moves with a sturdy handle
  • Non-obstructive and complements décor
  • Adjustable height
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