Calling all dentists?  Do you have a place for your patients to put their purse when they come in for an appointment?

Imagine. There they are: your clients, lying in the big chair, mouth wide open, clutching their purse, or worse wondering – “Where did I put my bag?  Is it safe?”

Why not add to your patient’s overall comfort and security.   Provide your customers with a Pursenal Butler to conveniently hang their purses and or back packs on.  This sturdy stand can be positioned one in each room, so your patients know their bag is not sitting on the floor getting dirty, while they are getting their teeth worked on.  Plus, you can conveniently move any Pursenal Butler around by its handle, adjust the height and even color coordinate to suit your décor.

Remember, people do have trouble even getting to the dentist’s office.  Why not try to remove anything that may add to their discomfort.  A Pursenal Butler is a small thing, but it is a personal touch women will notice.  Take our word.  It’s simple to impress when you show people you care.  Add Pursenal Butlers to your office today!

Pursenal Butler, the perfect accessory for every dentist office.



  • Holds 12 bags – 4 bags on each arm of the stand.
  • Elegant design holds up to 100 pounds. 
  • Stands come in black, silver, pink, brown and antique white.
  • For use indoors and out-of-doors 
  • Easily moves with a sturdy handle
  • Non-obstructive and complements décor
  • Adjustable height
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