Your bedroom is your haven: your personal space.  But, what if it is small, has little storage and always feels cluttered?  It’s hard to unwind for bed, or get going in the morning if you are tripping over things or searching under piles of clothes, bags and shoes to find what you are looking for. Here is where, Pursenal Butler comes in handy.  This unique bag and purse stand will organize your life by lifting your purses, shopping bags, briefcases, even back packs off the floor.

Each stand holds up to 100 pounds and you can easily pick it up and move it around the room, adjust the stand’s height and even colour coordinate to match your bedroom’s décor.

Nowadays, it’s true most women don’t just have one purse.  They have multiple purses and bags and they end up leaving them at the front door, in the kitchen, in the study, and in their bedroom. Searching for where you put the bag you are looking for, wastes time and can be frustrating.  Eliminate the clutter and the confusion and put a Personal Butler in your bedroom.  Reclaim the space on your dresser, the space on your floor, and some space in your closet. You’ll be amazing at just how great it feels to be organized.  Sleep peacefully. Order your Personal Butler today!

Pursenal Butler, the perfect accessory for any bedroom.


  • Holds 12 bags – 4 bags on each arm of the stand.
  • Elegant design holds up to 100 pounds.
  • Stands come in black, silver, pink, brown and antique white.
  • For use indoors and out of doors
  • Easily moves with a sturdy handle
  • Non-obstructive and complements décor
  • Adjustable height
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