“It’s all in the details – creating thoughtful experiences for our guests – the Pursenal Butler takes care of every women’s “pursenal” treasure – her purse ! – Why don’t all business serving women carry these!”

Noel ASMAR, Founder, CEO    – 


“I love the idea. I have nowhere to hang my bags and I’d love to have all my bags in one, easily accessible place. I like that it’s adjustable – as I have a few longer cross body bags.  I thought they were sturdy and well made, and support even heavy bags. ”

Kristina Matisic, “The Shopping Bags” airs on OWN and the Women’s Network


“I tell my dearest friends and best customers, Treat your handbag as you would your date! If at all possible, at the dinner table it should have its own seat. ”

Lana Marks, designer of handbags carried by royalty, pop stars, Academy Award nominees & chefs

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