New Age Mama – Nov 18th 2012

New Age Mama – Nov 18th 2012

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Holiday Gift Guide – Pursenal Butler Review & Giveaway

 From the Company
Struggling over where to put all your purses and handbags other than the germ ridden floor or your valuable counter space?  Tired of your kids coming home from school and throwing their backpacks wherever?  We know we are, andPursenal Butler is the answer!  Stylish, adjustable and able to hold up to 12 bags, you can now organize and declutter any and every room of your home with ease.  And don’t forget that wise old proverb, “A purse on the floor is money out the door.”
Pursenal Butler is a brand new product made out of wrought iron and steel that holds up to 12 purses and 100 lbs total weight.   It’s very chic, adjustable, and comes in 5 different finishes: black, brown, pink, silver and antique white.   It is not only ideal for home use, but for any place a woman uses a purse. This added touch in any room lets your family and guests know that you go the extra mile for their comfort.
Some key features include:
  • Holds 12 bags – 4 bags on each arm of the stand
  • Elegant design holds up to 100 pounds
  • Made of wrought iron and steel and comes in black, silver, pink, brown or antique white
  • For use indoor or outdoor
  • Easily moves with a sturdy handle
  • Non-obstructive and complements décor
  • Scratch resistant – padded feet
This is a great necessity for every busy mom and a perfect gift for any female. So, this year for the holidays, instead of a sweater consider giving the perfect gift that is stylish, functional and certain to be utilized. Shoes have shoe racks, coats have coat racks, and now the world has the Pursenal Butler; the most ingenious, decorative storage device for purses and bags.  For more product details, visit the website at
Our Thoughts
Pursenal Butler’s new and versatile purse rack sits conveniently in any room!
Made of durable indoor/outdoor material this purse rack comes in four colors and can withstand just about anything. Light weight and adjustable, you can sit it on a table, or increase it to be a standalone in the corner of the room!
The instructions for this product are well thought out and easily understandable. No need for frustrations.
Holding up to 100lbs or 12 purses this is a great way to organize those purses or bags you love to use, but don’t use all the time! I know that I just throw my purse anywhere I can with no real “home” for it. Now, I have a place to put it all the time!
Reviewed by Steph

The Giveaway
One lucky winner is going to receive a Personal Butler of their own. To enter, just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway will end on 12/8/12. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply. Thanks again to Personal Butler for offering this fantastic prize.

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