A shopaholic Diary Review – Dec 4th, 2012

A shopaholic Diary Review – Dec 4th, 2012

Posted by admin | 12.04.12

Pursenal Butler Review

Women always have their purse around them whenever, wherever they are, it seemed like the purse is already a part of woman’s daily adventure. As for me, I always love carrying purse whenever I’m going out, it makes me feel comfortable and satisfied when I have all the things I needed.

Therefore, when I had a chance to try Pursenal Butler purse stand for an exchange of honest and fair review, I was so excited knowing that I could enjoy my purse anytime I wanted to. It’s an adjustable height floor stand which really convenient especially for those people who is like me who loves everything to be organized. I hate it when I always use our bar stool to put my scarf and purse in it whenever I came home from doing errands but with this pursenal butler, I could just have my own piece of heaven putting my purse and scarf or hat at the right place in the living room and off the floor and be germs free.

This pursenal butler can be use anywhere in your house too. It can be at your mudroom which is perfect for these winter season; it can also be in your front entrance or doorway as what I did earlier. Then, you can also put it by your bedroom which I did the other day. I put all of my purses in it too since it can hold up to 100 pounds which may be about 12 purses which I don’t think I have, I only have 10 purses so far. Also, this way I could be able to see all of the purses I have in order to use them all. I’ve been keeping purses that I never thought I have.

For this reason, I’m sharing you their special Xmas offer right now where you can get their Pursenal Butler for only $49.99 by using code XMASSPECIAL to get the discount! This is absolutely a great gift for women who loves purses and to stay organized.

To check more information about Pursenal Butler or want to buy it, you can visit the following links below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pursenalbutler
Website: Pursenal Butler.com 
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGJRGowOx34 


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